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The truth is finally revealed. This is all true. Santa is a horrible human being and it was about time someone had the courage to present the facts. Animation by DuDul.
We always feature only original content and stay away from internet memes. But this month there will be an exception. This is just too much fun. Animation and music by WoodTick.
This movie by Gonzossm is not racist, ok? It realistically demonstrates the multifarious social paradigm established in the United States of America and it's also not racist at all.
"Door Dilemma" is a silly short movie by Sandwich-eater. It depicts the complicated decisions a tree must make to be successful in life. Voices by Seshido and SirUndead.
"Wikishits" is a funny short animation by Henrique Jardem aka DeuceNine, a very talented animator and storyboard artist. Check out for more of his stuff.
Once again Sexual-Lobster wins our award for animation of the month. This animation is outstanding in so many ways. Just watch it. More of his great stuff at
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