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Yotam Perel has been one of the most prolific online animators in the last 10 years. He likes to celebrate his birthdays by making cartoons and records his own music.
Watch out, crime, here comes Opium Cop. Another short by Sexual-Lobster, who never seems to disappoint with his absurdity. Check out his other stuff at
Depicts perfectly the plot in every Steven Seagal movie. Part 2 of the series, if you like this one you should definitely watch the first one too. Great animation and voices by Ken McIntyre.
Animated by Psychicpebble, this hilarious parody features three of the best online voiceactors - Egoraptor, RicePirate, and TomaMoto. If you don't know what Kony 2012 is, here.
"Short And Sweet" is a story of true love :) Animated by James Lee, who is an excellent animator most well known for his stunning Tarboy movie. Music written by Hania.
This movie is EXTREMELY violent in a very funny way and features great characters. Music is surprising but fits in well. Animated by Ryan Maddox a.k.a. MiddleFingerRings
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