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Cute little bunnies killing each other in more brutal ways that you have ever imagined. Art and animation by Juuso "Mottis" Andelin. Click here to watch more Bunnykill episodes.
Nachotururu is one of the most gifted online frame-by-frame animators at the moment. Make sure to visit to enjoy more of his great flash animations and artwork.
This ridiculous piece is a creation of Sexual-Lobster, who holds the website and is well known for his absurd sense of humor. Enjoy and don't ask questions.
Originally released in 2004, this piece was made available in flash format in September, 2011. Music, animation and artwork by Raoul Sinier. Visit for more.
There have been countless parodies of the movie '300' but this is something different, especially if you like math at the same time. Made by Jake Hollander from
Once again David Firth brings us another brilliant cartoon. "Take this pill" is a sequel of his animation called "Health Reminder". Check out more of his stuff at
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